Choosing a Domain name

1. Include your keywords in your domain name

Google tends to favour domain names with the search keywords. There are 2 kinds of search keywords, geographic and functional.

So if you are a Plumber and you service Balmain in Sydney, then choosing a domain name should be very very simple – you should include Plumber and Balmain in your domain name. Incidentally, Balmain, Sydney might be a good place to start a Plumbing Business.

You would have to have a very good reason not to use or

If your Business is named something different, like Joe’s Plumbing, consider changing the name.

Including the suburb and/or city where you provide a service in your domain name, clearly communicates your geographic focus.

2. Keep the domain name as short as possible

Bear in mind that people need to remember your domain name and also type it. People tend to be lazy and if they don’t remember, they’ll most likely use a search engine.

Register the shortest possible name that your customers and visitors will associate with your business.

3. What is a TLD?

TLD means Top Level Domain. It is the “” in or the “.sydney” in Until recently, your options were limited with and reserved for company names so many Australian companies were forced to use the generic .com TLDs. This is not ideal as it may be confusing for users and Google ranking favours geographic information. Thus will rank higher than, all other things being equal. If you do manage to register the suffix, try to get the .com suffix as well.

Actually, we strongly recommend registering all relevant TLDs, to protect your brand.

3a. If your business is in Sydney, get a .Sydney domain name

See Rule #1 and Rule #3 above, yes! Google favours geographic information.

Particularly if your business serves the whole of Sydney.

4. Avoid Trademarks

The company that owns the trademark will have legal precedence in any claim for the domain. Best to avoid trademarked names and save the hassle, and register both the trademark and the name. The situation is becoming both easier and more complex, with an international Trademark Clearing House being used by most domain providers to adjudicate names.

5. Don’t wait

Good domain names don’t last long. This is one area where you absolutely need to pre-empt any competitors, e.g. there can be only one but more than one plumber in Balmain.

6. Register synonyms as well, to protect your brand

If you have, register as well & also think about the neighbouring suburbs.

You only need one website, the other names can be pointed at the same website.

9. Don’t pay too much

You shouldn’t pay more than $20/year for a name or $10/year for a .com domain name.

However it is well worth paying someone to advise on your total branding strategy, perform trademark searches and SEO/SEM.


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