Will Domain Extensions improve my Business’ SEO?

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The release of new gTLDs is a one-off opportunity to get an EMD or Exact Match Domain. This is incredibly important for your Search Engine ranking.

Say your business name is “Sydney Mobile Repair”, then your Exact Match Domain would be:

  • sydneymobilerepair.com.au

But using a Geographic TLD, you can both shorten your domain name and improve your search engine ranking. For example:

  • mobilerepair.sydney

One survey based on the .Berlin TLD showed that having a geographic extension caused a 40% probability of an increase in search ranking. Other research shows that results numbered 1 to 5 get 65% of the click-throughs and results numbered 6-10 get less than 4%, so SEO is critical and the foundation of ranking is an EMD.

Read more about Sydney TLDs at Iconic.sydney:

These TLDs represent a one-off opportunity. There is only one Sydney TLD and only one KingsCross.sydney. Surprisingly, it is still available:

KingsCross.sydney is available from one registrar for $A13,500 and with a rental of less than $100 per annum. This is a whole “digital suburb” for less than the annual rental for a single apartment.

I am not promoting new gTLDs directly (you can order domains at iconic.sydney or elsewhere), so why am I telling you this?

  • I have helped a number of clients with Branding and SEO/SEM. Securing a ‘strategic domain’ is only a small part of this process – but the most critical one.
  • I have a digital property portfolio (primarily Sydney-based) and will talk to anyone interested in Digital Property Development.

If you are interested, contact me:


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