“SimpliCity” for the City of Asheville is ‘city data simplified’

SimpliCity’s tagline is ‘city data simplified’ and it provides easy access to city data through a single search bar.


Developed with Lean Startup and usability principles, using Open data the focus of SimpliCity was to answer questions in the simplest manner possible. Customers can track development and get answers to simple questions & City while employees can quickly determine if an address falls within city limits. SimpliCity is [designed to be] so easy that anybody with a smart phone can use it.

The Asheville team is led by Jonathan Feldman, Asheville’s CIO, who used lean startup methods to build a small, quick prototype that talked to the city’s ArcGIS ESRI server and then continually measured and learned, iterating with real users and improving the service.

Source: Mountain Xpress

The Simplicity portal

Comment: A great example of Agile development and Lean-startup convergence.

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