Do Not E-Mail Request – not so simple!

This illustrates how a simple thing like opting out of emails can become excessively complex.

We received a ‘Critical Patch Update’ from Oracle. Now because we use MySQL, we need critical updates from MySQL-Oracle not Oracle-Oracle. Confused? Not me. So I keep MySQL-Oracle and opt out of Oracle. Oracle-Oracle, that is.

I didn’t think that a ‘Critical Patch Update’ was a Marketing email but anyway…

Your privacy is important to us. You can login to your account to update your e-mail subscriptions or you can opt-out of all Oracle Marketing e-mails at any time.

Great. So I can opt out of Marketing e-mails without logging in. Would you like me to opt out of yours for you?

I Click anyway.

“Oracle Marketing e-mails will no longer be sent to PLEASE NOTE: You will no longer receive any Newsletters, Event or Production Information you may have subscribed to previously. It may take up to one week to update all systems and processes, during this time you may continue to receive e-mails from us. We appreciate your patience. If this submission was done in error, or if you change your mind and decide you would like to receiving communications from us, you can login or create an account to update your communication preferences”.

Great. It took me 10 milliseconds to sign up but it takes “up to one week” to cancel. If I change my mind, I can signup and cancel again?

Although you are now on our Do Not E-mail list, you will continue to receive e-mail related to account management, membership, purchases, security and support notifications. Additionally, if you register for an Oracle Event you will receive notifications for that event.

For more information on Oracle’s Privacy Policy, or if you have questions or concerns please contact Privacy.

So I wanted to opt out of Critical patch updates but I’ll no longer be sent Marketing emails. Okay!

It could take a week. Okay!

Patience? Sure.

If I change my mind? No way – imagine the complexity of the roll-back procedure.

Catchall? Contact privacy. Neat, no loose ends.

A database company just can’t bring themselves to delete a record, can they? No worries, I understand.

Audit trail.

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