Improve SEO performance using a Generic Top-level domain

cafe1cafe1 The ideal domain name contains relevant search keywords, because this leads to a higher search engine ranking (all other factors being equal).

Relevant search keywords include the location and the product, simply because this is what people search for. So if people want a cafe in Hyde Park then they will search for “Hyde Park Cafe” or “Cafe Hyde Park”.
Try this using Google maps.

If your business is named “Capelli’s Cafe” and located in Hyde Park then it won’t easily be found in a world dominated by search engines. Better to call it “Hyde Park Cafe”.

If your business is Hyde Park Cafe, then your ideal classical domain name is

But is this the best domain name? There is a lot of debate by Digital Marketing Gurus about whether .com domains can keep up with the new gTLDs, but this is a moot point because will most probably be taken. If you already have then the debate is still pointless because you can reserve both names.


The chart shows the growth in numbers of .com domain names – the best-performing .com domain names were taken over a decade ago and before search engines became a critical factor in your sales.

Starting about 2 years ago, ICANN dramatically expanded the namespace by issuing new gTLDs – or Generic Top-level domains – such as .club and .cafe.

“You are here” on the chart shows where we are in the gTLD process. It is still early days and you still have a chance to reserve your ideal domain name.

In business, location is critical. In the digital world, the equivalent of “Position, position, position” is your positioning in keyword-space. “Loretta’s cafe” could be anywhere but “Hyde Park Cafe” is located in Hyde Park.

So the ideal domain name for Hyde Park cafe is which is even shorter that and more relevant.

Another example:, which ranked #1 for search term “Coffee club” only one week after going live, besting out and other websites which have been around much longer.


How do I get a new domain name based on the new gTLDs?

Option #1: DIY. Do it yourself. We used Godaddy and 2 other providers for our own sites and also managed customer sites and we have chosen Godaddy because of the excellent customer service and their ability to pre-register domains:
New Domains now available from GoDaddy! Get your .GURU, .UNO, .LUXURY and more! - 120 x 60

Option #2: Contact us. We can help you with keyword research, finding the ideal domain and setting up or migrating your website. Your domain doesn’t need to be hosted with the same provider as your website so it’s best to pick and choose the best of each or the best bundle. The cost is negligible compared with making a misstep. Call for help.

Special case: If you own a Park cafe (or plan to), such as one of the following, we expect that you might land here from a search engine. We have registered worldwide and will be happy to sub-let the SEO high-performing [yourPark] Give us a call.

In order of ranking:

Name Domain Available domain
PARK Cafe Restaurant Alexandria
Cafe at Waterview in Bicentennial Park
Park cafe on Chalmers or
Park cafe on Chalmers or
Carss Park Cafe & Grill

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