Digital Asset evaluation


In the traditional world, Asset valuation is about valuation of assets such as brand names, motor vehicles and buildings & equipment.

In the digital world, we are more concerned with the cash flow potential of information assets.


The value of our Digital assets is derived from:

  • Maximising revenue from information resources
  • Reducing operational costs; and
  • Exploiting new technology to create opportunities and to reduce costs.

Distractions and demands on our time can be subtle and hard to quantify but quite significant.
Consider the loss of revenue that occurs in the following scenario:

  • A Prospect calls while you are on the phone, but declines to leave a message. You are unaware of the lost call and you lose the business.

In one scenario we analysed, the client spend was around $1 per targeted prospect, so with a 2% response rate, each lost call represented up to $25 unmeasured loss of revenue – and there were many such missed calls. But they were not measured or tracked.

How many missed calls do you have per month? Do you measure it?

There are inexpensive solutions to keep track of lost calls, provide network-based IVR and redirect calls to other members of your team. Can your business continue operating if you go on holiday?

  • In the digital world, Prospect visit your website and not immediately finding what they want, click away, to the next option – probably your competitor. Despite your product and service being superior.

So how do we gain control of our business in the Digital Economy?

Digital asset evaluation – the first step, is to do a critical analysis of the external view of your business: Website, social media and microsites and any other presences. All that we need from you is to know:

  • What market are you in; and
  • What do you seek to offer?

Equipped with that information, we will perform an evaluation of your external online resources (primarily web presences) and present you with a brief report, containing:

  • An evaluation of your Digital assets not limited to you website, including website, social media, directory listings and other contact points; and
  • Recommendations on how to raise your profile and increase your visibility in the market.

The evaluation will be performed by a highly qualified Information Systems Engineer with over 20 years experience and an MBA-qualified Marketing guru and will consist of a 1-3 page report written in Plain English.

The equivalent evaluation from a Big 5 Consultancy (if they even bothered to talk to a business with fewer than 500 people) would leave you thousands of dollars out of pocket and a report full of fancy-sounding jargon written by an intern charged out at Partner rates.

Our report is excellent value and represents our investment in a potential relationship.

Beyond the initial evaluation, we often employ the Virtual Value Chain paradigm:

The Virtual Value Chain is a business model developed by John Sviokla which is suitable for the ‘Sharing Economy’. Our analysis starts by looking at Context (your target market, your customer interface and contact points), then looks at Content and finally at the Information Infrastructure needed for distribution and transactional support. In the Digital world, the Context-Content-Infrastructure paradigm is a better fit than the traditional 4P’s approach (Product-Place-Price-Promotion) although either model can be employed.

Application of the Virtual Value Chain concept nearly always creates new opportunities for new revenue streams and cost reductions & involves an analysis of how you can ‘informate’ your business.

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