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drWeb1If your website is a shopfront for your online business, then you will be acutely aware that any mistakes can lead to loss of Sales.

If your website is purely informational, your visitors will judge you based on your website.

Visitors may include customers, prospects, competitors and potential employees.



Would you agree it is imperative that your website projects a positive, professional and attractive image of your company?

The most common problem with websites is contact options:

A prospect visits your site and navigates through the menu, looking for ways to contact you. If the means to contact you are not intuitive and obvious, then one “click” and they’re gone.

A good web designer will make contact an intuitive choice. Great companies will encourage contact in every engagement, at every point. Every symbol, every word, every cue should encourage contact – on every page of the site.

Visualise yourself, standing at the entrance, welcoming visitors. Is that what your website projects?

Contact is just one aspect of web site effectiveness.

Our Website evaluation is a quick, critical analysis of the external view of your business.

To evaluate your Website, we need you to answer just two questions:

  1. What market are you in?
  2. What do you seek to offer?

Equipped with that information (and the identity of your website), our IT guru (a Software Engineer with over 15 years experience of user interfaces) and our Marketing guru (MBA-qualified) will evaluate your website and make recommendations.

You will receive a 1-3 page plain English report and a 1/2 hour telephone meeting to discuss the findings.

The report is available at a very low introductory cost, for a limited time because we aim to deliver value far in excess of the price.

How does it work?


  1. To order an evaluation, click on the Paypal button below and pay the $A50 deposit.
  2. Our Consultant will call you to introduce himself, find out the URL of your website and ask you about your market and your offering.
  3. We will take up to 5 working days to evaluate the website and produce the report.
  4. If you are completely satisfied with the report and agree that the full price represents good value, we will invoice you using Paypal, for the remainder of $A350.
  5. If you are not completely satisfied, we simply need to know why the Website evaluation fell short of good value and no additional amount will be due.

This offer is limited to the first 10 people ordering and paying the deposit and 20 online pages.

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