How Negative Ideas can ‘backfire’

Do they look a bit sheepish?

“A Wollongong-based startup is offering the perfect service for all the Christmas grinches among us – they’ll send coal anonymously to ‘your annoying boss, shit mates, lazy co-workers, ungrateful kids or racist uncles’”.

Comment: The idea is likely to backfire because if your boss is Scottish, a gift of coal is considered lucky.

In Scottish folklore, the first-foot (Gaelic: ‘qualtagh’), is the first person to enter the home of a household on New Year’s Day and a bringer of good fortune for the coming year. It is desirable for the ‘first-foot’ to be a tall, dark-haired male.

He usually brings several gifts, including perhaps a silver coin, bread, salt, coal or whisky, which represent financial prosperity, food, flavour, warmth, and good cheer respectively.

Source: Wikipedia

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