Become an “Uber Chauffeur”, travel Australia, get paid up to $700 a day

      Robin Adams 77, former high country musterer

Customers are older, well-heeled professionals who want to enjoy the view without being herded onto group bus tours. Chauffeurs are also picking up business from tourists too frightened to continue driving after close calls [or] others [whose] rental vehicle contracts [were] cancelled for dangerous driving.

Robin Adams, ran motels before setting up Chauffeur New Zealand 12 years ago, and regularly takes visitors on week-long tours. Tourists usually hire Robin [as chauffeur] for a week at a time and he takes them to places they would never normally get to see.

Co-owner of Queenstown-based Southern Limousines, Jeremy Crichton, is building a new depot at Frankton for his fleet of 16 luxury tour vehicles. He gets two or three multi-day bookings a year from people who start out driving a rental vehicle – often a campervan – and give up because it’s too hard.  “They sit overseas, see Australia and little old New Zealand on a map and under estimate completely the time and distance. The most common question I get is ‘Where are all your freeways?'”. The Rental Vehicle Association estimates 80 per cent of the 120,000 rental vehicle hires this month will be to overseas vistors.

“The Road Trip owner Chris Cameron said business had increased 260 per cent within three years. Laura Hooykaas, of NZ Chauffeur Ltd in Auckland, had 20 contracted drivers and said her customers were prepared to pay $1000 a day for a “bespoke” tour in a luxury SUV”.

Now here’s the idea:

  1. Go and have a chat to your local car rental company (80% of car rentals are by tourists)
  2. Ask about customers turned down because they are high-risk cases.
  3. Offer a service where the customer will rent the car and you drive the customer.
  4. You must check whether you and the are covered by insurance.
  5. Too easy, you can travel around Sydney or further afield and get paid for it.

Aussie-Business-Connect can even help you with a suitable domain name, we have available for purchase and If you just want to try it first, we can lease one or both of these names to you.

After doing-it-yourself for a while, to learn the ropes, you could consider recruiting another driver and turn it into a business. Why not?

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