New Domains: Over 0.75m added in one day


Yesterday (18 Feb) over 750,000 net domains were added across all Top Level Domains (TLDs).  The total included all legacy TLDs such as .com, .net and .org and all new gTLDs.

Approximately 6 million names have been added since December 31, 2015 so the pace may be accelerating.

As of today (19 Feb) there are 175.5 million domain names in total.

So 170 million domain were registered over the 30 years and 6 million just last month.

TLDs with the most registrations yesterday:

RED        153,363
BID         152,251
XYZ         106,068
WIN          80,751
COM        79,938
PRO         59,867
TOP         22,617
MOBI      16,130
WEBSITE   8,092
CLOUD     8,031
BLUE        7,903
MEN        6,086
WANG     4,549
SITE         4,067


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