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Researching companies on the ASX can be quite painful for professionals.

Most people know the share code, e.g. they might be researching the ASX200 or download a list from

Let’s take an example.

  1. You want to know about AQP. Also known as “AQUARIUS PLATINUM LIMITED”.
    Who are the directors?
    Where are the annual reports?
  2. So you Google “AQUARIUS PLATINUM LIMITED” to find their website.
    Google is quite good, they provide this metadata:
  3. It’s all there, under the “Investor relations” link. Everything you need.
  4. But every company website is different. If you are researching company after company after company, you probably want to go by the share code.

The essence of the problem is that Google performs an unstructured search and what we need is a structured search.

Each listed company has the same set of attributes, so why can I not search on the share code and have the data presented or organised in a consistent way?

That’s where comes in. How about a company directory, organised by share code with the data organised in a consistent way. One way to do this is to provide a search box – you enter “AQP” and you get a standard layout with links to the key info.

Take it one step further, each stock has it’s own subdomain: or

All this needs is an enterprising programmer to put it together – or you can find one via

But the first step is to get the domain from

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