Cyberproperty: Limited domain space is stifling demand


As the digital age dawned, pioneers successfully snapped up broad swathes of the most popular and memorable domain names – claiming valuable ‘virtual real estate’ under the top level domains such as dot-com, dot-co-dot-uk and so on.

Paper from Cambridge University, by Dr Thies Linderthal concluded that:

an estimate for domain name demand not met by available word combinations is as much as 25% of all currently registered Internet domains. A shorter ‘cyber-commute’ [name] was found to be more desirable. The shorter the better holds true for emerging ‘not-coms’. ‘Shorter names are more valuable and lead to greater registrations. With new top level domains named for cities, for example, it was the concise city names – dot-london; dot-miami; dot-berlin – that went first, and now anyone who wants to buy virtual space under those domains has to buy it from the new owner


Source: University of Cambridge Research

Note: Most of the prime “Cyber Real-estate” in Sydney is gone but if you are interested in leasing domains, contact

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