Why become an Uber Driver?

There are plenty of reasons to become an Uber Driver:

  1. You can work WHEN you want
  2. You can work WHERE you want – within Capital cities
  3. You can earn HIGH RATES
    • During surge periods
    • In high-demand suburbs
    • Drivers can consistently earn $30/h during peak hours
  4. Safety and confidence
    • Transactions are electronic, so no cash is exchanged
    • Driver and passenger are identified and every journey is GPS tracked

Who drives with Uber?

  • If you are between jobs or contracts, you can continue to earn money
  • If you are starting a business, you can earn money while you work on your concept


Become an Uber Partner, Click on the logo now:


Still unsure?

Consider a 5-Star Driver course:

If you are thinking of Uber Driving but are not yet confident, you can find out how to become a 5-Star Driver from 5 STARS Driver training in Sydney.

We recommend that you signup as an Uber Partner first because approval takes time and you can use that time by doijng the training, then when you are ready you can hit the road equipped with the knowledge of Excellence in Uber driving.

5 STARS Driver training will teach you:

  • How to become an excellent driver and navigator
  • How to solve GPS interference and software bugs
  • How to make the most money
  • How to attain excellence in Customer service
  • How to achieve your best driver rating

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