QLD Katter Party attempts to outlaw Uber, outlaws all Hire cars, Buses and Comcars instead

The Katter (Rob) Australian Party has decided they’d like to send us back to the legislative equivalent of the Stone Age. In September 2015 Rob Katter figured he’d introduce a bill to see Uber drivers penalised with demerit points. His logic? ‘Our taxi drivers are small business owners …who have followed each and every one of the regulations’. ‘I will not see another industry slaughtered by deregulation’, he says.

Source: Menzies House



[Unfortunately…] an “unintended consequence” of the Katter Party amendment to the state’s Uber bill made all passenger services other than taxis, illegal. Transport Minister Stirling Hinchliffe sought ‘urgent legal advice’ after the Katter-authored, LNP-supported amendment left all ‘pre-booked passenger services’ in legal limbo, in the midst of the Queensland Parliament’s move to crack down on ride-sharing apps.

Charter buses, school buses, limousines, Comcar users and shuttle services can now operate legally again….

Source: Brisbane Times

Question: How many MPs actually reviewed the legislation before voting on it?

Question: If the amendment outlaws Hire cars as well as Uber, does that expose the legislation for what it is? An attempt to legislate against a superior service driven by technology?

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